The Cricket Match {1st Part}


A Brief Synopsis:-

I was asked to play for Lallanpur Cricket Team in a match against birth rivals Palakpur.

The two villages have maintained enemity since the birth of the two villages. But here the enemity is bought down in a cricket match. Since its beginning Lallanpur has lost severely to Palakpur, but this time their hopes are high because I am on their team, and it is me who shall have to guide and train the team……

I had woke up early in the morning, for it was the fist day of training. The other players were already there, already waiting for me. When I reached there Hari asked “Can we start Practice?”. I said in a polite tone “Do you need an invitation to start practice?”. He understood what I was actually saying and indicated others to start practice. They were awful at cricket. I was shocked to see their performance, as they did not know how to even hold the bat properly. “It is going to be awful” I thought………..After much difficulty everybody knew the correct way to catch the bat. Next I decided to build up their stamina. ” 20 rounds of  the Maidan” I shouted. The players looked at me as if they had seen a ghost. Kalia said ” Are you mad? how come we do 20 rounds of the maidan……………… is way too big”. I said ” Then my friend, i am sorry to say, but you’ll lose the match.” The were in no mood to lose the match so they decided to do as I say. After they finished their running, they were looking like a man that had not eaten for months. All of them were too tired even to stand up.I decided to call off practice for today. ” All right go home for today” I said, but before i could complete my sentence they already went. ” looks like we will lose even this time” I thought.  I hoped the next day would be good and went back to  home.


An Intoduction To Lallanpur


Howdy Folks!! I want to give a brief introduction of ‘My Village Lallanpur’. It is a web-book {It means a book that is written in a blog on daily basis} which features Leela as the main protagonist. Leela was sent to Mumbai, at his aunt’s house while he was one year old, so that he could get proper education, since there was no school in Lallanpur. Now he has come back with an aim to develop the village. Can he accomplish his task. To know that you have to read it.

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